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    WRAL Encourages Eye Exams

    The NCSEPS sent out a media release in partnership with the American Academy of Ophthalmology calling attention to the need for eye exams for ("Ophthalmologists Encourage Making Your Eyes Part of a Healthy Aging Strategy"). Raleigh's WRAL picked up the release and aired a feature on September 5th. The feature focuses more on eyeglass options and fitting by opticians, which was not part of our release, but does note our eye exam encouragement (at 2:30 in this online video).

    ACO Guide for Ophthalmologists

    Specialty-specific toolkits, like the "Accountable Care Guide for Ophthalmologists," from the NCMS Toward Accountable Care Consortium and Initiative (TAC) can help your practice make the transition from fee-for-service to value-based health care. The toolkit provides strategic guidance for physicians establishing and participating in accountable care organizations (ACOs) and it is part of a series offering guidance on a range of topics related to the legal and financial issues that you need to know about.

    NEW! Want CME credit for learning more about ACOs?The Texas Medical Association was so impressed with the NCMS TAC toolkits, they sought and received permission to offer CME credit for reading and absorbing the information in the seminal guide, "The Physicians Accountable Care Toolkit." If you are an NCMS member, you can access this CME at a discount by simply downloading the guide and entering "NCMS" in the coupon code space to receive the member discount.

    All TAC toolkits are available free of charge from the TAC website, Additional titles include "Accountable Care Legal Guide," "The Bundled Payment Guide for Physicians," "Rural Accountable Care Guide," and more.